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About Cody Shores

Cody grew up in Stuttgart, Arkansas the rice and duck capital of the world. He graduated from University of Arkansas in 1990. Upon graduation he traveled throughout Europe actually accepting a job in Glasgow, Scotland with Greig Middleton a UK based Investment Banking Firm but his work visa was ultimately denied. In turn he moved out to Northern California to begin his career stateside. He landed his first job after college at Merrill Lynch then moved on to Lehman Brothers while ending his Investment Banking career at Bear Stearns in San Francisco. After serving time in the Investment Banking world he had officially caught the “Entrepreneur” bug from meeting other successful Entrepreneurs taking their companies public. This early education of the Investment Banking arena gave him the inside knowledge of the capital markets and how they actually work. This education laid the foundation for the rest of his career.

  • Accomplished entrepreneurial operations executive with a keen business sense for emerging products and services that require innovative introduction, unconventional selling and consumer shifts. A leader in Product Realization, having assisted top tier Fortune 500 companies think through, target and realize their competitive advantage through Product Development.
  • Launched in excess of $1.5 billion USD of products into global marketplace.
  • 2005 Finalist for Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year.
  • Extensive in-country global experience in both China & India.
  • Wrote the Forward for the book “How to Win in China”.
  • Secured several million dollars in investments from strategic partners like Flex, Foxconn and Nokia-Siemens.